International logistic

Pine Industries is a leader in the wood products transport sector, and proudly continues a decades-long partnership with one of the largest companies in the maritime, railway, and overland shipping logistics sector. The operational headquarters of Pine Industries Logistics is located at the port of Marghera, in an area of ​​80,000 square meters strategically located on the international railway network. Currently our partnership has 800 tractor-trailer trucks, and several cargo ships that branch out from Europe to export and import goods all over the world, particularly to Eastern and African countries.


Pine Industries logistics takes special care of its cargos. We treat the handling and transport of wood as if it were a food cargo, delivering it forest fresh to the mill. Following the Vaia environmental disaster of 26-30.10.2018 in the Dolomites, a tornado event of mass proportions, the Pine Industries company acted right at the first moment to clear fallen trees and transport them to the port of Marghera, and subsequently to various countries of the world by railway and on ships.

The ships

Pine Industries specializes in the transport of wood and is serves a clientele of major wholesalers and distributors. “Our customers need very particular loading formats and sizes of raw materials.” says CEO Gianluca D’Incà.”The characteristics of the treated wood – continues D’Incà – and the requested delivery times move us towards a particular type of large capacity ship that only Korean and Japanese shipbuilders know how to produce”.

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