Is it better to install balconies under the windows, or shutters- in a dark wood, finished PVC, or in aluminum with a thermal cut? This is a classic customer question… what to choose from these types of window dressings to install in their home. Wood is always an excellent choice for doors and window fixtures, with natural thermal and acoustic insulation properties. With a little bit of attentive maintenance, they can last a lifetime. Modern PVC material is completely waterproof, provides thermal and acoustic insulation, and will not create condensation even with temperature changes. PVC is light-weight and can be formed easily with various finishes and colors (including wood effects). Aluminum shutters offer sunscreen protection in summer, and warm insulation in winter, that reduces energy consumption and related costs for heating and air conditioning.

Dark wood

Dark wood represents the fusion of two of the main features that identify Pine Industries: tradition and innovation. Shutters provide window protection from the elements and also allow the management of brightness within the rooms.

All shutters are available in many different types of openings and models. The wood that is used is a multilayer laminate of African okoumé. This material is composed of several layers of wood glued together to compensate for the natural deformations it would have if it were made in one solid piece.

Aluminum Shutters

Aluminum shutters are divided into two product categories, Louvers and full shield. Each with the same high-quality standard level, but  different in  functionality: Louvered shutters give the appearance of operable fixtures to adjust the light and ventilation inside  the house, shield style gives full protection from the sun and weather.
Among the models in the catalogue are: classic shutters, featuring the form and noble lines established over centuries of European style. These give a charming character on the outside of the building. Fixed Louvered shutters, which offer soft lighting and effective ventilation; Adjustable louvered shutters, which allow control of light and ventilation totally at your discretion. The shield style on the other hand, like the windows themselves, serve to further protect from the weather and block external light.  The width and opening of the shutter doors vary depending on the shutter style you choose: vertical slats, slats and shingles, or rustic and insulated. Our catalog types take the name of the place where they are most characteristic, for example, The Padua or the Vicentina.

Quality and Sustainability

Pine Industries aluminium shutters and shields are made with welded or mechanically assembled miter joints. The powder-coat finish ensures high performance in terms of quality and durability. The Uniform line has a wide range of models (45mm, 31mm, 25mm thicknesses) with multiple opening types (swing and sliding) and color finishes ranging from painted RAL (gloss/semigloss, opaque, textured), to decorated wood and metal.


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