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What is Pine Industries .

Who we are since 1892

The Pine Industries brand is a group of associated companies who make windows, doors, and floors from the finest traditional and modern materials, and all the while keeping a concern for the environment, Our wood product construction materials come from sustainable forests that are managed in a balanced way to yield the best wood and preserve the ecosystem at the same time. The Pine Industries brand, passed down from generation to generation, has developed and enhanced production machinery of the highest quality. The centuries-old history of the companies gathered in the brand created by CEO Gianluca D’Incà, together with the latest technology are   the most important assets to operating our company internationally.      

Our operational headquarters is  located  at  one  of the  most  beautiful villas on the Venetian Brenta Riviera, just a short distance from the new  Pine Industries Logistics Center currently  under construction  at  the  port of  Marghera in Venice. This logistics operations center is used for the handling and transport of goods by road, rail, and on ships.

Reliability and high-quality standards are the cornerstones of Pine Industries. This dedication has gained recognition from the entire industry, and at the same time demonstrated our expertise in sales and installation of each quality item.

Who we are

What we do .

Pine Industries is a brand that manufactures and installs Windows, Doors, Floors and many other furniture elements for the home, office and other commercial/residential entities. We also handle all the Logistics, as well as the sale of semi-finished materials, firewood and pellets and, not the least, Carbon Credits. Often attention is not paid to the combination of doors and fixtures but rather is underestimated instead, along with other aspects such as the combination of the door with the floor, the color of the walls and of course, the furniture. When we talk about the combination of doors and other furniture elements we do not mean that they must necessarily be of the same color, but that they are well coordinated, creating continuity or detachment, depending on the subjective tastes of the customer and, if desired, also a consultation on our part. So we also offer some tips to avoid the risk of making unpleasant mistakes.

General contractors .

Pine Industries is one of the world leaders in the design, manufacture and marketing of windows, doors and floors. The group of companies, led by CEO Gianluca D’Incà and his team, consisting of the Pine Industries and Wood Empire brands, ranks in the highest segment of the target market. The true symbol of excellence is “Made in Italy” known throughout the world in all references made over the last few decades. Pine Industries’ product line includes interior doors, armored doors, fire doors, parquet floors, stairs, paneling, cabinets and floor systems of various kinds, and windows of the highest quality. The great production capacity and variety in the design styles of the products, has led Pine Industries to establish itself in the contract & hospitality sector. We are proud to say that Pine Industries products are included in some of the most prestigious and international building achievements.

Our Team .

The service team that  makes up  the Pine Industries brand specializes in  following you  from  A  to Z with all-inclusive pre- and post-purchase assistance.   All services  are  closely attended to  by  many  technicians  and  experts in the  field. We try to fulfill every request either by  finding  suitable  solutions  or  appropriate alternatives. The motto  of the company  inspired  by  our Founder is “if you can  imagine it,  we can  make it happen”.   We are a leader in the building materials sector  in Italy, Europe and  the  world.


Wood Finance .

CEO Gianluca D’Inca’ and his family have lived in the same community for the past 26 years, and the Pine Industries brand has an established reputation for its socially responsible business operations and support for all its customers.

We believe that the best way to create progress and foster development is to give back to the community we came from. Therefore, we try to create a positive outlook for a good life environment and secure employment for future generations by providing sponsorships in the field of culture and environmental protection. We also nourish and give support to activities of the younger members of the community.

During these times of economic hardship, we are investing in the creation of a new non-profit foundation to assist Italian families directly and indirectly affected by the Coronavirus and the severe economic crisis that it has caused.

AGD Foundation

In this serious situation of  international crisis Pine Industries, manufacturer of floors, windows and doors,  decided to put its face on it and donate FFP2 masks to support the territory where it was founded. “We had to  close  our  offices” says Gianluca  D’Incà, CEO of the company  “to allow our workers to stay  at  home  from  their families and protect themselves. We are  in a  desperate situation,  several of my acquaintances  are  in the hospital.” Therefore, Pine Industries has decided to found the AGD Foundation,  which will acquire large quantities of sanitary equipment directly from  China. Thanks  in part to the support of entrepreneurs and  industrialists, Pine Industries  is  buying  other individual protection devices  (IPR). “We wish to invite”, continues  D’Incà “all  entrepreneurs, families, freelancers or anyone who can afford to donate even a small amount to contribute to  this  unparalleled emergency. We must save Veneto!”

The AGD Foundation will be a non-profit based in in the Veneto region, and will have doctors and medical staff board, as well as international consultants to allow this operation to have the greatest impact possible. 

With our extensive international contacts, the Pine Industries Foreign Office Department is active 24 hours a day to import all the health and medical equipment that suppliers in China can provide. Pine Industries in the past has come back from global financial crises and is well aware of the effects that blocking trade and entrepreneurship can have on the Italian economy. Now the priority is health. The extreme difficulties that Veneto had at that time are still imprinted in the memory and in the bank losses of all. During that time of challenge the strength and extreme determination of all Venetian workers came through, they allowed the company to continue to work and expand in the market.