In recent years, wood fuel pellets have revolutionized the heating of our homes and have increasingly taken over as home heating fuel in special stoves. However, attention must be paid to the various types. The only real quality index of the pellet is the certification printed on the bag! The ENplus European certification is the only one that guarantees high quality standards along the entire supply chain. Buying pellets with the ENplus A1 or ENplus A2 brand means being sure you are buying wood pellets with precise chemical, physical and energy characteristics. All Pine Industries pellets are guaranteed to conform with these standards, and therefore are of the highest quality.
Checked and certified

Pellets by Pine Industries

More efficient combustion = less consumption. Choose the right pellet!

The ideal diameter/length ratio allows an optimal filling of the pellets inside the crucible (furnace) ensuring perfect air flow between the individual pellet cylinders- and without jams! 

Finally, more efficient combustion lowers CO emissions in the exhaust gases by 35%.
The Pine Industries brand pellet is a biological, ecological, and naturally pure fuel, produced by PEFC Certified forests, without any risk to health or safety, and zero emissions. Our base ingredient is created from pure raw material sawdust derived from our timber sawmills. Through careful processing, we ensure that the resulting pellet constitutes a further step towards the use of a totally natural and healthy fuel. Therefore, this fuel is the most trusted and widely used in all makes of stoves, fireplaces, biofuel boilers. Pine Industries brings these fine pellets to market with an excellent quality-price ratio.

Pine Industries, a guarantee!

Why choose our pellets?

Pure fir pellets, ENplus A1 + DINplus + PEFC certified, have a low ash residue (0.3%) and a very high caloric value (5.3 kWh / kg). It is a pellet with consistent quality and performance. Pine Industries pellets are marketed wholesale and retail, to meet all heating needs. The best reason to use our pellets is defined by the precise uniformity of the length of the pellets.

What was technically impossible before has now become reality thanks to our new advanced technology: uniform length accounts for more than 75% of the pellets produced. Thanks to this technology, the amount of sawdust inside the bags is reduced and the yields of pellet stoves and boilers are increased. Burning conventional, uneven size pellets, is the hardest strain on the control systems of boilers and pellet stoves to balance the heat output.

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