Beech is part of the hardwood family of trees with colors ranging from white to reddish. It has a smooth, gray, and easily recognizable bark with radiating veins visible to the naked eye. It is characterized by a long and smooth trunk fiber and is therefore easy to split. If the beech is dry, it will be easy to ignite and develop a beautiful live flame. The caloric value of the beech is high and the combustion slow; it does not pop and is therefore also ideal for open fireplaces. In general, it is perfect for fireplaces, stoves and pizza ovens.
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Pallet of firewood 1,80 Mt square
Typical Truckload: approximately: 22-24 pallets

Available lengths: 25 cm – 33 cm – 50 cm
Species: Beech.
Available Lengths: 25 – 33 – 50 cm
Available split: 8-10 cm, 10-12 cm, 14-16 cm or customized

Our beech is grown in small forest patches specifically for the production of firewood (excellent fuel), however in recent years there has been a conversion from this method to high forest areas to satisfy commercial demand. In forest cultivation, cuts are made every 9-10 years, from which 400-500 cubic meters of lumber are obtained. As timber, it is used in the construction of furniture, toys, kitchen utensils, and is suitable for turning on a lathe into other forms. Because it so dense, it is also common in the construction of chairs, mallets, floors, shelves, and workbenches.

Wild beech or European beech?

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Wild beech or European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) is a deciduous tree species of the genus Fagus and of the Fagaceae family.

Fagus sylvatica L. is a plant that easily reaches 25 – 30 meters in height. It has dense foliage and oval, smooth leaves, with light color undersides. The leaves are arranged on the branch alternately, shiny on top & bottom, with wavy edges. They are ciliated when young, and in autumn, they take on a characteristic orange or red-brown color. It has a massive crown of many branches with dense foliage, easily recognizable from a distance because it is very well rounded and wide, with vertical upright branches in the top portion.
It is a monoecious plant- meaning it produces male and female flowers on the same plant, but in different positions. The male flowers are gathered in round and pendulous catkins, with long petiolate. The female flowers are coupled in an envelope, called the ‘dome’, have a trilocular ovary. Flowering generally takes place in May. The fruits, called “Beans”, are large edible achenes pods, reddish in color, held in hanging curls of 4 folds. These seed pods are the ones from which beech oil is obtained.

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