For all of us, choosing the right door is of fundamental importance both for appearance and for making rooms more functional. Explore all our collections and find out why our doors and frames are accurate, excellent, handmade exclusive products. No mass-produced industrial product can compare to Pine Industries craftsmanship. We make perfection!

Not only doors

The Pine Industries collection of Italian design doors, Transform a simple room divider into an authentic piece of furniture and style. 

We have an ideal range for every specific need. Our Door styles are available in many varieties and custom design options including modern flush-fit frames, and swing & sliding doors that can be integrated into any type of frame (wood, aluminum or concealed flush with the wall). There is a vast choice of materials, from classic natural and lacquered wood, to glass or metal, up to high-tech materials such as laminates with high-relief wood grain that blend with the design of the surrounding natural wood.

Quality and sustainability

Every Pine Industries door conveys the art of carpenters and our stylistic research is always inspired by a unique “woodcentric” experience. This is a philosophy centers on the quality of the material and its natural beauty. Pine Industries wooden doors are born in this spirit from a careful selection of the best woods, always coming from certified and sustainable forests to furnish every environment with a unique product from every point of view, ethical and aesthetic.


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